Sunday, September 8, 2019

A Japanese heARTist Inspires A Docu*Memory Film

"Koi" painting by Yuri

greetings, heARTists and heART lovers of this heARTistic universe!

it’s the 8th day of the 9th month, and time for more heARTwork by Yuri.

again, this quarter, we digress from our usual exhibit of Yuri’s heARTwork (scroll down to view older posts featuring it). instead, we continue to bring you news about the 5-part series titled “War Brides of Japan, a docu*memory”, made in Yuri’s honor.
even though we were this close to wrapping up the films last quarter, we got so busy cutting new shorts and trailers to enter into film festivals. please give us a few more days, then check out our Vimeo link below to view the films. 

"War Brides of Japan, a docu*memory" collage
our last post featured 5 posters representing chapters of the docu*memory series, and we’re so happy to announce that all 5 were accepted as Official Selections in the Indo-Global International Film Festival, with the one titled “War Brides of Japan, a docu*memory: The Culture” winning a Best Poster award.

"Certificate of Excellence" from Indo-Global International Film Festival
our winning poster
and, in June, we also won Best Concept and Best Trailer awards at The Buddha International Film Festival of Pune Maharashtra India, respectively, for the film “BFF’s; Buddhist Friends Forever” and the short promo trailer "This Doc Rocks! (Buddha)".

"Best Concept Award" from The Buddha International Film Festival
"Best Trailer Award" from The Buddha International Film Festival
here’s the winning short promo trailer:

This Doc Rocks! (Buddha)

here are the other 2 promo trailers:

This Doc Rocks! (Daruma)

Rock This Doc! (Kokeshi)

and, here are all 5 film trailers on Vimeo:


The Brides:

The Kids:

The Culture:

BFF’s: Buddhist Friends Forever:

you can also get updates about the film at:

and, please check out sugoi heARTist Yuriko and her sugoi heARTwork at this site:

until we meet again on December 8, we are and always will be…

Yuri’s Fans Forever