Sunday, October 8, 2017

cats, cats, cats!

konnichi-wa heARTists, heARTwork lovers, and lovers of cats! it’s the 8th day of the 10th month and time for more heARTwork by Yuri.

as you’re well aware, we’re headed down the finish line with our War Brides of Japan film. in fact, we now appear on IMDB:

and, we’re currently working with our amazing composer, LaCat. just listen to some of her older tracks at this link:

in honor of our working with Cat, we’re sharing two of Yuri’s paintings that feature cats.

enjoy! you can view more of Yuri’s heARTwork at the link below, titled 'iamartistyuriko'. 

and here are the rest of the links to the War Brides of Japan documentary:

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meanwhile, enjoy the links to the War Brides of Japan documentary below:

war brides of Japan videos:
youtube 88.1 Fresno interview
vimeo behind-the-scenes trailer
youtube behind-the-scenes trailer
vimeo pre-production trailer
youtube pre-production trailer
youtube v.2
youtube v.1

war brides of Japan websites:

war brides of Japan news:
multiracial media
DIFT interview
international examiner
international examiner 2
discover nikkei

war brides of Japan Facebook:
fan page

war brides of Japan LinkedIn:
how they learned to forgive and love the enemy
making love, not war
those bad ass brides!

war brides of Japan Twitter:

war brides of Japan G+:
google plus

war brides of Japan blogs:
on the road

a war bride's artwork:


Yuri's Fans Forever!

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