Wednesday, November 8, 2017

dog days with heARTist Yuriko

konnichi-wa all heARTists and heART lovers of the universe!

Yuri cooks and Muffin waits
it’s the 8th day of the 11th month and time for more heARTwork by Yuri.

at this point, you probably know that our documentary, War Brides of Japan—featuring women like Yuri, is well into post-production and our title has been added to IMDB:

but back to Yuri and her heARTwork. last month, we shared some of Yuri’s cat paintings, so this month we’ll post the photo of her single dog painting--her portrait of the regal Princess. ironically, while Yuri loved painting cats (as attested to by her numerous portraits of them), she preferred the company of dogs.

check it out!

the regal Princess who was later replaced
by the rambunctious Muffin

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Yuri and Muffin dance 
Muffin sits and begs

until the next 8th day of the month, arf arf and bow wow.


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