Wednesday, June 8, 2016

marching forward with War Brides of Japan!

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it’s the 8th day of the 6th month, and we have not blogged on this site since December of last year. apologies, but our War Brides of Japan documentary is now a priority.

Yuriko and daughter, br, silk-screened dozens of these hachimaki
some results of that prioritization? our pre-production video on Vimeo:

and, on YouTube:

here’s another YouTube slideshow, this one from 2012:

and, this YouTube video was one of three finalists at the 30-Second Snipler Competition at the Los Angeles New Media Film Festival in 2012. however, it was later disqualified for being created with the One True Media app.

there’s also a website now:

and, two more are currently in the works.

Yuriko's bio
Yuriko won these ribbons for her heARTwork and quilts
here’s an essay that was posted on LinkedIn, about how Japanese war brides overcame their anger and bitterness to marry their former enemies:

of course, you can always stay updated with the project on Facebook:

and, if you happen to be a Japanese war bride or know one, please email us at or

above are ribbons that Yuriko won for her heARTwork and quilts, plus her bio that was posted at one of her painting exhibits. for more about her oil paintings, go here:

your cooperation is greatly appreciated in protecting these copyright images.

and, arrigatou gozaimashita for your continuing interest. please stay tuned in the months ahead as we march forward with War Brides of Japan!


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