Thursday, June 9, 2022

summer fun!

happy summer to all heARTists and heART lovers everywhere. 

it’s the 9th day of the 6th month, and we are shamefully a day late in getting this post up! 

the looming summer is looking hectic as we juggle several arts projects. paramount, of course, is the film and graphic novel about our favorite heARTist, Yuriko. 

our research begins next month with a thorough inventory of all of Yuri’s oil paintings, silk paintings, wood carvings and other heARTwork. we hope to gather enough material by fall to begin this long delayed project. 

here are some samples. 

this is noren, or Japanese doorway banner, that Yuri sewed many years ago:

Yuriko's noren
Yuriko's painting

and, above is one of her paintings: 

meanwhile, all five parts of ‘War Brides of Japan, a docu*memory’ is now available on Gumroad: 

enjoy your summer. watch our films. and, we shall meet again on September 8. 

Yuri’s Fans Forever