Friday, June 8, 2018

off the grid with iAmArtistYuri

konnichi-wa, heARTists and heART lovers of the world!

it’s the 8th day of the 6th month and we’re getting very close to completing our War Brides of Japan documentary film.

in fact, we have a new website at:

meanwhile, here are two of Yuri’s more experimental styles of artwork. while she mostly loved painting landscapes, seascapes, animals and flowers, every once in awhile, she went off the grid.

please enjoy!

crows off the grid

evergreens off the grid

also, check out the links below for more about the film.

links to the War Brides of Japan documentary film:

war brides of Japan videos:
youtube 88.1 Fresno interview
vimeo behind-the-scenes trailer
youtube behind-the-scenes trailer
vimeo pre-production trailer
youtube pre-production trailer
youtube v.2
youtube v.1

war brides of Japan websites:

war brides of Japan news:
multiracial media
DIFT interview
international examiner
international examiner 2
discover nikkei

war brides of Japan Facebook:
fan page

war brides of Japan LinkedIn:
how they learned to forgive and love the enemy
making love, not war
those bad ass brides!

war brides of Japan Twitter:

war brides of Japan G+:
google plus

war brides of Japan blogs:
on the road

a war bride's artwork:

in fact, last quarter’s blog, directly below, contains some excellent information about what you can expect to see once the film is available for screening.

until September 8 when we meet again, we will always be…

Yuri's Fans Forever