Wednesday, March 8, 2017

heARTing Yuriko, heARTing Women Everywhere!

Yuri, lei-making in Honolulu
a heARTy International Women’s Day to all heART lovers everywhere!

it’s the 8th day of the 3rd month and time to celebrate more of Yuri’s heARTwork with her fans.

apologies for missing you last month, but our documentary War Brides of Japan is taking us away from regularly posting on this blog. arrigatou for understanding.

while we were gone, Hinamatsuri (Girls Day or Dolls Day) was celebrated in Japan on March 3.

hinamatsuri card lights up and plays music

above is a photo of a celebratory greeting card that the wife of one of Yuri’s nephews sent us. when the button is pressed, the lanterns light up and a Japanese tune plays.

girl and boy dolls crocheted by Yuri 

originally, Dolls Day was for removing bad luck and curses. in ancient times, people believed they could speak their misfortunes into their dolls, then sail them away down the river; thus, banishing evil from their lives. in modern times, Japanese girls get expensive replicas of the royal family—emperor, empress and other court figures—then, have them set up in display along with offerings of food like sweet mochi deserts.

speaking of dolls, here are a few more that Yuriko made by hand. 

made with fabric, a man and woman dance in kimono
two of three boys appliqued onto a noren (door banner)
here's the third boy

two girls on a noren, one carries a baby (aka-chan) on her back

and, please follow the links in the December 8 post below to know more about War Brides of Japan.

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