Saturday, December 8, 2018

heARTing the War Brides of Japan docu*MEMORY

konnichi-wa, heARTists and heART lovers of the world!

heARTist Yuri with her ichi-ban supporter

it’s the 8th day of the 12th month, and time to show all heARTists some love. arrigatou gozaimashita for your past support!

we apologize but, due to our busy schedule, we’re moving to a quarterly posting. with all the activities going on with our War Brides of Japan docu*MEMORY, our time is so limited.

in 2019, please look for this blog’s updates on March 8, June 8, September 8 and December 8.

meanwhile, we’d like to share some of Yuriko’s pieces that depict geisha

an important part of Japanese history, geisha continue to maintain important aspects of Japanese culture. as entertainers, they’re responsible for keeping alive the playing of instruments like koto and shamisen, and certain traditional songs and dances. in the War Brides of Japan docu*MEMORY film, one of our participants shares information about geisha and the story of her own mother as an entertainer in Little Tokyo, Japantown, Los Angeles.

Yuri made this geisha from scrap material

here's Yuri's version of hagoita, used for New Year's

here are a couple of promo trailers we’ve recently created for the film:

no matter how many times you knock him down, daruma always bounces back:

sweet kokeshi nods her head in agreement:

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happy holidays to all our readers! until we meet again on March 8, akemashite omedettou gozaimasu!

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