Wednesday, April 8, 2015

is your HEART into ART?

do you love art? is your heart into art? then, welcome!

on the 8th day of every month, we will feature heARTwork by Yuri, right here at this blog.

a brief bio…

born in Tokyo, Yuriko left for the U.S. after marrying an American soldier. Living in Texas, Germany and Washington State, she raised two children and six different dogs named Bosco, Tiger, Lulu, Shogun, Princess and Muffin.

all her life, Yuriko made art. besides being a talented seamstress who could sew anything by hand, she also made quilts, crocheted doilies and miniature high heels, knitted hats and shawls, made Japanese dolls, cloth puppets and Noh masks, carved illustrations in wood, created all kinds of knickknacks, and eventually painted in oils on canvass, clam shells and wood.

some of Yuriko’s heARTwork in oils can be seen at this website:

coming soon…photos of her delicious home-grown, home-cooked meals!

in celebration of Yuriko’s April 8th birthday (and Buddha's), we present you with these selections from her collection of oil painted farmhouses. even though she grew up in the big city of Tokyo, she was just a country girl at heART.

please remember, all images are copyright protected.

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