Friday, December 8, 2017

a heARTfelt hapa holiday!

konnichi-wa, heARTists and heART lovers worldwide.

a 60's holiday party starring Yuri
it’s 8th day of the 12th month and nearly the end of 2017. with our focus on completing the War Brides of Japan documentary film, we’ve decided to change our scheduled posts for 2018. 

look for us quarterly on these dates:

March 8

June 8

September 8

December 8

since Yuri’s birthday is April 8 and Buddha’s is celebrated that same day in many Asian countries, too, we’ll keep our 8th day theme, but only post quarterly.

meanwhile, in honor of the holidays, we present some of Yuri’s culinary and decorative heARTwork below.

xmas dinner of homemade vegan lumpia, collard greens, inarizushi, corn, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce & salad

Yuri made these cut-out clothes from origami paper & hung them with mini clothespins

she hung them on cut pine branches along with other handmade trinkets

pines are considered lucky in Japanese culture as pine trees live a long time 

Yuri cut out these images from colorful magazines...
...then hung them with tiny dolls on pine branches

she also loved to wrap gifts...
...and add simple decorations around the house...
like this poinsettia

Muffin welcomes guests at the gate where Yuri's handmade wreath hangs

sometimes Muffin wasn't exactly attentive to her duties
another of Yuri's handmade wreaths hangs outside near the front door

and here are the usual links to our War Brides of Japan documentary film:

war brides of Japan videos:
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war brides of Japan websites:

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war brides of Japan Facebook:

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those bad ass brides!

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hapa new year! ja!

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